Memory Enhancing Classes


The Memory Enhancing Program provides curriculum-based, mind-enhancing content to encourage socialization, stimulation, and support for individuals newly diagnosed with early memory loss. Program Specialists motivate participants through peer-to-peer problem solving, skill building and open communication to work through early memory loss challenges. The Connections Program delivers this through meaningful activities that include lifelong learning, creative arts, music, exercise, meditation, and socialization.

Dates, Times, and Rates

Mondays (Bluffton)

1 p.m. - 3 p.m.


Mondays & Wednesdays (HHI)

1 day per week: $200/month

2 days per week: $350/month

If interested in having a loved one attend the program, please contact Memory Matters at or 843-842-6688 to schedule an in-person program assessment. Scholarships for all in-person and virtual programs are available. Just ask about fee assistance when you call to schedule the assessment.


We appreciate your support.