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Staff Members

Cathee Stegall
Pat Cleary

We have a small staff here at Memory Matters, but we all have large hearts and the will to help this community. We are all truly devoted and skilled to serve those whose lives have been affected by memory loss. Each staff member, though assigned to different aspects of the organization, works together to ensure we meet the needs of our community.


Jill Horner - Executive Director, 843-842-6688,

Sarah Thompson - Business Manager, 843-842-2301, Dementia Certified

Nikki Drayton - Client Services Coordinator, 843-842-6688,, Dementia Certified


Stacy Floyd - Director of Development, 843-842-2311,


Joy Nelson -Director of Marketing and Communications, 843-842-6699,

Debbie Anderson - Community Education Director, 843-842-2320,


Michelle Frink - Director of Programming

Dementia Certified

Pat Cleary - Program Specialist, 843-842-2309,, Dementia Certified

Ashley Gruber, LPC, NCC - Counseling Director, 843-842-2314,, Dementia Certified

Grace Metropolis - Activities Coordinator, 843-842-6688,, Dementia Certified

Cathee Stegall - Family Services Navigator, 843-842-2304,, Dementia Certified

We appreciate your support.

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