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Programs and Services

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Here at Memory Matters, we have an early-intervention memory enhancement program and a mild to moderate memory care program.


The Memory Enhancing class focuses on keeping brains active for students still engaging in self-care. Our Memory Care class supports both the participants and caregivers equally by giving the student fun and different activities, while the caregiver receives a break (respite) to run errands or just relax. Both programs are available in person at Memory Matters and in Bluffton. Many of our participants are able to attend these programs at a reduced cost due to a grant the Alzheimer's Foundation of America gave Memory Matters for Fee Assistance. 

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“Memory Matters helped Barbara in the earlier stages of Alzheimer's and we are grateful for that. I am especially grateful for the training I received in preparing for full-time care giving.”
– William Schmitt

"I am one of those people you referred to that "went into hiding" since things were not working out socially, so now I am out of "hiding"  and back at exercise class again, etc. ...thank you."

We appreciate your support.

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